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Recently with the release of Super Roki Dude we have upped our social media consistency. This means that we are regularly updating our platforms which include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and this blog.

Twitter gives us a platform to branch out to loads of different people, companies and experiences. We are frequently updating Twitter whether that be by asking people to play Super Roki Dude or getting in contact with other developers and making connections. Most of our downloads of the game have come from us making connections on social media and talking to people. Facebook allows us to post more formal content. Whether that be an update to a game, a link for something to do with the game or a competition. Our YouTube channel will remain there for game trailers at the moment until we decide what the direction of it is going to be whether it be actually playing the game and uploading high scores or not. Our only video at the moment nearly has 200 views!

This blog is going to be a vital part of upping our social media game. This blog will not just be for Super Roki Dude or any other upcoming projects. This blog is for any updates to do with Paramet Ltd. This maybe a new project such as Super Roki Dude or a new member to the Paramet Ltd team. All posts will be organised into tags so if you only want to see blog posts to do with Games you can filter the posts at the top of the post underneath the title to see just that. There will be 5 different categories: Games, Fan Selector, Software, Clients and Paramet News. These categories mostly cover everything we may want to post on here. If there happens to be more then we shall just add a new one and update this post.

Here are the links to all our social media platforms:

YouTube -

Note to all app review websites or social media platforms:

We are really looking out for app review websites or social media platforms which review/ mention new apps to help the exposure of Super Roki Dude. If you are involved in anything that can help us expose Super Roki Dude to a wider audience please contact

Thank you for reading!